Heron Preston Air Max 720/95

As an artist, creative director and designer Heron Preston continually elevates utility and sustainability. Heron saw potential in Air Max, and together with the Nike By You team fused the groundbreaking Air Max 720 with the iconic Air Max 95. Inspired by Air, Heron’s design features an Air-wrapped upper that delivers a unique expression of style and utility. Heron opened the palette of customization allowing you to reimagine the eccentric design with bold pops of color. Start with the Air Max 720 + 95 or stick with the classic Air Max 95. Choose between a set of six translucent colors and push the possibilities with unconventional swoosh options powered by Nike By You’s new 3D builder experience.

Digital graphic and photo assets by Nike By You brand team.
3D UI, UX, and modeling by Enjoy the Wear.
Digital 3D color matching by me.

Tags3D, Color Correction, Imaging, Production DesignYear2019

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