Rio Gatdula
Graphic Designer


My name is Rio and I dance on the sand just like that river twisting through a dusty land.


My name is Rio—not to be mistaken with the the car, the hotel, the city, the river, that one Duran Duran song, and that movie about birds of the same name—and I am a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. Graduating with an AAS in graphic design and and a BA in Psychology I have a deep appreciation for how design impacts mood and I try to use it to my advantage whenever possible. Design in all aspects is a passion of mine so I'm always hungry to learn more and grow more as a designer.

My interests are in brand development, advertising, ui/ux, packaging, and publication design.

I grew up in sunny Southern California where I inherited a deep fondness for the ocean and the water. However, it was those early childhood roadtrips with my familia that gave me a strong wanderlust, a thirst for adventure, and a great fondness for the outdoors which ultimately led me to fall in love with and move to Portland and the greater Pac NW.

I am a self-proclaimed avid traveller, adventurer, foodie, beer-snob, sports enthusiast, movie-geek, and friend to all animals. My friends and loved ones consider me a jolly and a pretty laidback dude.

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